Get FREE printable kids savings trackers!

For kids, seeing is believing. This is especially true with saving money!

The FREE visual savings tracker I created for kids is a powerful tool because your kids can see their progress as they reach for their savings goals. 💰

How it works:
1️⃣ First, let your child write their the child’s name on the top of the savings tracker worksheet.
2️⃣ On the line labeled Saving Goal, write down the amount of money they wish to save. Make sure the goal is achievable and realistic!
3️⃣ Stick the Visual Savings Tracker on the wall.
4️⃣ Count how many bubbles are in the savings tracker.
5️⃣ Divide the Saving Goal amount by the number of bubbles. This will be the amount that each bubble is worth.
6️⃣ Have your kids fill in a bubble every time they save that amount.
7️⃣ Watch the bubbles fill up until they reach their goal.
8️⃣ Start a new Visual Savings Tracker!

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