The Budget Workbook for Kids (Ages 5-10)


The only complete digital workbook designed exclusively for kids to teach money management!

The Kids Money Academy is proud to introduce our new downloadable Budget Workbook for Kids. (Note: this is a print-at-home downloadable product!) This workbook is a simple yet comprehensive way for your kid to dream big, set their financial goals, and create a budget to get there.

It’s never too early or too late to start great money habits. Now, more than ever, it is important for teens to understand money and how it impacts their world.


What’s inside the workbook?

  • A “wants and needs” worksheet to help your kid decide what’s most important.
  • A fun “savings tracker,” so your kid has a creative way to keep track of his/her progress.
  • A fillable book list, so you can create a reading list with your child to teach more about financial literacy.
  • A budget worksheet, and an expense and income tracker, so your child keep track of financial progress throughout the year.
  • A giving back worksheet to encourage kids to be more charitable.


  • Abundance money mindset bookmarks
  • Christmas wishlist
  • Birthday wishlist
  • Save, Spend, Give money jar labels

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a printed/bound version of the workbook?
This is a digital product. We do not offer a printed/bound version currently. If there is strong enough interest in this, we may consider it in the future. We suggest you download the digital version and put it in a binder for your teen to use.

Do you offer refunds?
As this is a digital download, all purchases are final. Please contact dee@kidsmoneyacademy.com if you need assistance with your purchase.

What age is appropriate to use this workbook?
The Budget Workbook for Kids is designed for ages 5 to 10. 


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