Money Chat Calendar


31 Fun Daily Prompts to Engage Your Kids About Money

This calendar is the perfect way to chat about money with your little ones aged 4-12! With questions focused on saving, spending, and giving, these enjoyable prompts will help you begin money conversations with your children in a way that is exciting for you and for them!

Ask your child questions like… “A 10-foot tall alien is in your yard. He wants money to take home as a souvenir. How much do you give him?”

Color coding on the full-color version and shape coding on the black & white version makes it easy to see at a glance what the day’s topic is.

This product includes a 31-day calendar of money questions to ask your little ones, as well as a response recording sheet. It’s the perfect way to see how your child’s sense of money will evolve over the years, so be sure to re-visit the calendar again later!

In this download, you’ll receive both full color and black & white files for the calendar and response sheet. Need to budget your ink? No problem! Our black & white version has less printable artwork.

Note: this is a digital file and does not include any printed materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the calendar? When you’re ready to begin, you’ll start a habit of sitting down every day for about 15-25 minutes with your child to ask that day’s question. Each day is focused around saving, spending, or giving and the color & shape codes on each version make it easy to see the day’s topic at a glance. After you’ve chatted about it with your child, record their answer on the response sheet. Repeat this process for the full 31 days! Once complete, you’ll have successfully created a habit of chatting with your children about spending, saving, and giving. Encourage your children to ask you questions, too!

Will I receive any printed materials? This is a downloadable product, so you will need to print it at home. No materials will be sent to you other than the digital files.

Do you offer refunds? As this is a digital download, all purchases are final. Please contact if you need assistance with your purchase.

What age is this calendar ideal for? These prompts are ideal for children age 4-12.


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