Debt Free College Masterclass Ticket – 10/12/2022


Debt Free College Masterclass: the class to attend to learn about sending your child to college without debt! We’ll discuss everything you need to know from starting a college savings account, how to protect your investments, and the best plans for your child. By the end of this class, you’ll be ready to take the next step to securing your child’s education.

This class will be held on Wednesday October 12th, 5pm PST.

Join CPA, UCLA Instructor, and Kids Money Academy Founder, Dee, to learn how you can send your child to college without debt in this exclusive masterclass. 

This is a digital ticket to an online class. Once purchased, you will be contacted with the information to join on the date. This ticket is non-refundable. A cecording of the class will be available if you are unable to attend.

At the end of this masterclass you will know:
  • How to start a college savings account for your kids
  • How much to save every month for your child
  • How investing accounts for your children impact their financial aid eligibility (FAFSA) and what to do about it
  • 3 actions you must take every year to protect your investments
  • The best state plans to sign up and the worst plans to avoid
  • 529 plan vs EAS vs UTMA/UGMA  – which one is best for education and why!
  • Exactly what the next steps are – no more confusion!


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