So you are telling me I can get a $13,850 tax deduction if I hire my kid?

How to Hire Your Kids Course was created especially

for Entrepreneur Parents like you!

You can hire your kids through your small business, even if…

Just imagine

Your children earn tax-free income

You keep more profits in your business

You turbocharge your child's retirement

Your children learn about entrepreneurship

Your children learn the value of hard work

You deduct your child's wages as a business expense

Let's take a peek at what's inside!

14+ instructional videos to help you learn the ins-and-outs of How to Hire Your Kids

6+ easy-to-use worksheets, checklists

LIFETIME access to the course

Monthly private Zooms calls + office hours with our founder where you can ask questions

Membership to our VIP Facebook Group where you can connect and network with other like-minded entrepreneurial parents 

3 exclusive bonuses

What 3 Bonuses Are Included?

Job Description Templates for Your Child

We’ll give you templates to help describe your child’s jobs – an important part of staying compliant with IRS regulations. 

Weekly Timesheet Tracker for IRS Compliance

Get an easy-to-use printable time tracker template sheet to help you and your child stay organized and keep you out of trouble with IRS.

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes

I’m lifting the curtain to show you how I hired my own children so you can see firsthand how it works for my family – I don’t share this anywhere else!

Check out the course curriculum

Module 1:

Can I Hire My Kids?

You'll learn about the business entities you can use, the age and special requirements for your children, how to learn about the federal and state laws, and 17 jobs that you cannot hire your kids to do.


Module 2:

Benefits of Hiring Your Kids

You'll learn about both the financial and non-financial benefits of including your children in the operations of your small business.


Module 3:

Jobs That Your Child Can Actually Do

We'll discuss the jobs your children can actually do, including 50 ideas for hiring and a handy brain dump worksheet for coming up with your own ideas!


Module 4:

IRS Compliance

You'll learn how to be IRS compliant when you hire your kids, learn about important links to bookmark, and the ONE vital IRS test that you must pass to hire your child.


Module 5:

How to Open a Custodial ROTH IRA for Your Kids

We'll teach you about eligibility, pros and cons of Roth IRA for kids, the steps involved, and how a Roth IRA can affect college plans.


Module 6:

Next Steps

We'll share even more resources, have a hiring graduation, and plan on what's next for your family!


Meet Your Instructor: CPA, Mom, & Founder of Kids Money Academy

Hi! I’m Dee. I’m so glad you are here.

I’m a CPA and lead instructor at UCLA Extension. My mission is to help parents raise millionaire kids with generous and grateful hearts.

Last year, I hired both of my kids in my business and now I’m teaching other entrepreneurs do the same. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS. You will also gain access to all future updates without any additional charge.

When I purchase the course, can I deduct it as a business expense?

Yes! It is tax deductible expense. Don't forget to keep your receipt.

My business serves an industry that doesn't have anything to do with kids, can I still hire them?

Yes! There are many ways your child can help your business, either in front or behind the scenes. We'll offer you 50 ready-to-use ideas and help you come up with even more!

Is it legal for me to hire my kids?

Yes, in fact IRS rewards you when you hire your child. There are a number of tax benefits when you hire your child. 

Do I need to be concerned about the "Kiddie Tax"?

No, the "kiddie tax" only applies to unearned income such interest, dividend income etc.  When your child is working in your business, their income is considered "earned" income and therefore, the kiddie tax rule doesn't apply. 

My business isn't making a profit yet - is this wise?

By hiring your child, you can actually save on the taxable income your business makes. Not only is this a wise choice for your business, but it helps you keep more money in your family. You can then use this money to open a Roth IRA for your child and save for their retirement!

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