The Only Workbook Designed Exclusively For Teens To Improve Their Financial Literacy

The Kids Money Academy is proud to introduce our new digital downloadable Budget Workbook for teens. This workbook is a simple yet comprehensive way for your teen to dream big, set their financial goals, and create a budget to get there.

It’s never too early or too late to start great money habits. Now, more than ever, it is important for teens to understand money and how it impacts their world.

With these skills, they will develop into successful money managers and know they have the financial literacy skills to create the life they want, one dollar at a time.

NOTE: This is a digital download product that you can print at home or use on a tablet.


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I just examined the BUDGET WORKBOOK FOR TEENS that I purchased from you.

And I have to say:


(And not to mention worth way more than you charge!) 

It will not only be fun to use for my kids, because of the very child friendly design. It is also very easy to understand and use. Plus: Even I learned so many new things! I really think the whole family can profit from using this workbook, because it makes you stop and think about all the hidden streams of income and all the hidden expenses you have.

Thank you so much for putting this great workbook together! I love it and YOU ROCK!

Hediye photo


It was an eye opener for the kids and I. It brought awareness to me that I needed to have a way for my kids to earn money regularly by way of chores or starting their own business.

My kids have earned money as models since they were each toddlers. The “Savings Tracker '' really got them excited to know the exact amount of money they’ve earned and saved when before they never asked and didn’t even know. I loved that it gave them opportunities to calculate as their lists of “wants' ' grew. They realized they didn’t have many needs, if any. Which made me happy.

I loved that this Budget workbook has monthly accounting logs. It really encouraged the kids to think about money generating ideas.

Brianna - Homeschooling Mother of 6 photo

Brianna - Homeschooling Mother of 6

What Adriana (18) said about the Workbook - She loved the exercise where you color in the pebbles, she has a hard time conceptualizing money and math so this made it “real”. 

Also, we both loved the calendar!

My daughter gets an allowance and we talk about what she can spend and what she needs to save but seeing a whole month of income and expenses is taking this to a whole new level. 

I know it will allow her to grasp more concepts around money management. Thank you!

Caterina Defalco photo

Caterina Defalco

It has helped me very much with my savings and spending.

Keeping track of my money has been so eye opening and has made me realize I don’t need a lot of the things I would usually buy. I have been able to manage my money so much better and have been able to get closer and closer to my money goals!

Taking on this workbook has been the best financial decision I’ve made so far!

Mel - 18 Years Old photo

Mel - 18 Years Old

I love using this workbook because it is simple, yet effective, and there are coloring pages that get me through the workbook.

This budget will definitely help me realize where I’m spending my money unnecessarily and motivate me to save for my car.

Lin K - 16 Years Old photo

Lin K - 16 Years Old

The Budget Workbook for teens has really changed how my daughter views money. Not only is she conscious of her wants vs needs, but she’s starting to understand the concept of saving. Watching her track her finances in a way I was never taught at her age is amazing! Highly recommended. I’m even learning new concepts as an adult!
Quinn M - Mom of 13 Year Old photo

Quinn M - Mom of 13 Year Old

Who is This Workbook For?

What’s Inside the Workbook?

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents who want to…

  • Raise a money-smart teen, so they are prepared for the real world
  • Help your teen to develop a positive money mindset, so prosperity is part of their future
  • Give your teen the tools he or she needs to be financially successful
  • Help your teen to be financially independent, so they don’t end up back on your couch
  • Avoid your teen making the same money mistakes you made early in life

Teens who want to…

  • Learn how to budget your money, so you have more of it later
  • Understand why money management is important and you want an easy and fun way to do it
  • Create a budget without it feeling like work
  • Know what to do with your hard-earned money, so you get the biggest bang for your buck
  • Learn how to save money for big purchases, like your first car and college tuition
  • Learn to have full control over your money, so you’re intentional with every dollar
  • Stay focused on your money goals, so you avoid overspending
  • Learn how to categorize your money into expenses and savings, so you can adjust and stay on track to achieve your goals
  • Learn about money management, so when you’re on your own your confidence will soar with money matters

You can choose between a bright and dark design, and each one includes…

  • Space to write dreams and annual goals, so you know exactly what you’re saving for.
  • A “wants and needs” worksheet to help you decide what’s most important.
  • A fun “savings tracker,” so you have a creative way to keep track of your progress.
  • A fillable book list, so you can create a reading list to learn more about financial literacy.
  • A monthly calendar, a budget worksheet, and an expense and income tracker, so you keep track of your financial progress throughout the year.
  • Quotes by famous and successful money managers, so you remain inspired to keep going after your dreams

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital download, all purchases are final. Please contact us if you need assistance with your purchase.

What age is appropriate to use this workbook?

The Budget Workbook is designed for ages 12 to 18.

Do you offer a printed/bound version of the workbook?

We do not offer a printed/bound version currently. If there is strong enough interest in this, we may consider it in the future. We suggest you download the digital version and put it in a binder for your teen to use.

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