About Kids Money Academy

We show parents HOW to have positive conversations about financial literacy with their children – beginning at age 4 through 18 years old.

With the Positive Money Loop™ framework, parents learn how to provide financial education and give their children the control to make their own money decisions. This way, children can see the impact of their choices and continue to receive positive reinforcement for establishing healthy financial habits for a lifetime!

Learning about money through play

An emphasis on imaginative play helps build confidence and creativity

Fun and free resources
Our free tools make it easy for get children excited about money
Ideal for children 4-18

Resources are scaled to connect and inform with age-appropriate terms

The Positive Money Loop™ framework

Give children control and harness positive reinforcement

Empowering for parents

We know that confident parents = money-smart kids!

A community for parents

A rich dialogue occurs on social media through our Instagram page


Mom, Financial Literacy Advocate & Founder of Kids Money Academy

As a CPA and Finance Instructor at UCLA, having conversations with other adults about money comes naturally.

However, when my 6-year old son asked me what a FICO score is, I realized how challenging it is to explain how money works in simple terms to a child.


After doing some research, I found that there was no one single resource that shared tips on how to talk about money in simple and exciting ways with your kids. One that also provides empirical data on the benefits of early childhood financial literacy. So, I created it!

I founded Kids Money Academy to fill a huge need that empowers parents from all backgrounds to talk to their kids about money in a positive way.

Kids Money Academy answers the question, “How can I teach my kid about money in a fun and simple way?” by providing a framework that shows parents HOW to have conversations about financial literacy with their children from age 4 to 18 years old. 

At Kids Money Academy, our mission is to reach as many parents and kids as possible to instill healthy financial habits that create an abundant money mindset and legacy for wealth.As parents, the greatest gift that we can give our children that has unlimited return is a money mindset that creates an abundant and happy life.

The History Behind Kids Money Academy

The journey begins...

To the USA

Dee immigrates to the United States by herself at the age of 23 years old and attains her CPA certification



Becoming a mom

Dee’s first child, Kyle, is born



Growing the family

Dee’s second child, Tiffany, is born



Pencils of Promise

Dee raises $25K in 8 months for Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds new schools within the Volta region of Ghana, Africa. Dee’s contribution enables the Hohoe Bethel Methodist Primary School to be built and impacts an estimated 931 students who now have access to a new, six-classroom school. 



Kids Money Academy is founded!

Dee creates Kids Money Academy to help empower parents to break away from negative money cycles and teach their children about living in abundance!


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